Upon a time, a question.

aurora borealis

There was an ongoing project, and it had to do with how to free a human being, and the artists had their role. Earnest intentions to fulfil it raised certain questions. For one: was this a matter of showing the way to a new world, or revising old habits of seeing the one at hand?

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

5 thoughts on “Once”

  1. I’m curious. When you speak of artists, do you include yourself as a writer? When I’m talking about artists generically (as opposed to those earning a living through art), I tend to lump myself into the group. I often wonder if this is pretentious, aspirational or merely misguided.

    1. I do, Jeff. I am glad you do, too. I think being an artist has more to do with orientation to the world and habits for being in it. I am interested in the lowercase idea of artist as a sort of creature. I like studying what they do and how they have thought. I never cease to be amazed at where they are hiding (and under what official professions). I guess because I need a lot of help : )

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