Also by Stacey C. Johnson

“Mathematical Goose” in The Closed Eye Open, Issue X, Fall 2023

“Catch and Release” in Minerva Rising, Fall 2023

“Permission to Land” in Feral, Issue 17, Fall 2023

“The Shape of Things to Come” in Atticus Review, Issue 5, Summer 2023

“River Triptych” and “Springtime Studies in Death and Dying” in DeLuge Journal, Summer 2023.

“Holding Patterns” in The Inflectionist Review, July 2023

“Three Studies of Solvents” in Vilas Avenue, Summer 2023

“Hearts in Transit (A medical mystery with Carl Phillips, Danez Smith, and Ann Lauterbach)” in Hive Avenue Literary Journal, Spring 2023

“Homecoming at the WRC” in Unlikely Stories, May 2023

“Genesis of the Aftermath” in Fine Print Press, April 2023

“Authorial Voice” in Exist Otherwise, January 2023

“Borderlands” in Blood Orange Review, Spring 2022*

“Shrimps” in Peatsmoke Journal, Spring 2022

“Homeland” in Silver Rose Magazine, January 2022

“Carnival Day” in The Write Launch, December 2021

“LeftRight” in The Bangalore Review, October 2021

“Cleavage” in Open Skies Quarterly: Volume Five,  July 2021.

“Engine Failures” in Celestal Review, August 2021

“Rothko’s Body and Other Musings: A ‘Conversation’ between Hal Jaffe and Stacey Johnson” in Fiction International Issue 52 “Body” *

“In the Valley” in Outlook Springs, fall 2019*

“Twilight at Blue Plate” in Oyster River Pages, August 2019*

“Invocation, In Exile” in Prometheus Dreaming, June 2019

“Butterfly Nebula” in Pacific Review: A West Coast Arts Review Annual, Spring 2019

“Requiem” in San Diego Poetry Annual, Spring 2019

“Shelter” in Roadrunner ReviewSpring 2019

“Shelter Lullaby” in High Shelf

“Between the Living and the Dead: A Chernobyl Monologue” in R.kv.r.y. Literary Quarterly

“Begin With a Question” in A Year in Ink, Vol. 7 published by San Diego Writers, Ink.

“Son of Man” in The Adirondack Review. Winner of the 2012 Fulton Prize for Fiction.

*Pushcart Nominee

Notes while Reading

Reviews of unusual and interesting books, as well as the occasional public meditation, on  Reads Like This.  Below are some highlights:

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