Headlines Almost Missed

News of the world, in miniature.

red moon during night time

This morning, catching up on news from past months, I find some worth sharing.

Orange Orb Owning Onus of Our Origins, Outcast Among Us.

Dancing bears circle: stomp, push, shove; their mother waits. I watch through a lens.

Baikal babushka crosses the lake on skates her dad made, after war.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I am here to wonder out loud. The point is not to get a clear answer, a complete picture, but to remember how incomplete the picture is, to embrace the process once again, of discovery, of questions, to notice the stirrings of wonder. To leave crumbs behind, for the next traveler.

2 thoughts on “Headlines Almost Missed”

  1. Stacey, thanks for the story of the babushka. I loved watching her skate over the largest lake in the world, with her dog running along the edge.

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