Seen through a glass, darkly.

brown wooden wheel on top of green grass

Giant wheel, the unpronounceable name at its face, 

and here is a version of law: mercury, sulfur, water, 

salt. Let there be life. Two serpents surround it.

One descends, another rises. Welcome, souls,

a watching sphinx greets. Now the four corners:

angel, eagle, lion, bull. Look, they are leaving.

It’s turning now, and now come the signs, and

now wonder, the magic behind you. 

Now darkness. Know this 

watching wait, the terror

a praise song, too. 

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I am here to wonder out loud. The point is not to get a clear answer, a complete picture, but to remember how incomplete the picture is, to embrace the process once again, of discovery, of questions, to notice the stirrings of wonder. To leave crumbs behind, for the next traveler.

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