The Wait

Coming soon: some idea.

close up of squirrel on field

This is what they say you should do if you want some sight to come in.


That’s it. So, I’m waiting but all I see is this ant river following the sidewalk lines.

Well, do you hear anything?

Just the leaf blower in the distance and those kids counting hide and seek.

What about the wind, you don’t hear that?

In the trees, sure. But––

There’s a swarm of bees down the hill.

I know, driving up that way I didn’t want to open the window.

These squirrels are something.

Sorry, guys. I don’t have anything.

They’re kind of insistent, aren’t they?

Awww, look! Baby sloths! 


Someone posted them. I’m in this Animal Lover’s group. Those faces, look! They don’t even look real!

I thought you were waiting in stillness.

I know, I know. Just had to check something real quick.

It’s getting dark.

I wonder what it would be like if it got real dark.

You mean without all these lamps?

Yeah, let’s go inside. Look at all these moths right here. Don’t let any in. 

Look. Even now, with all the lights off, all these glowing things inside.

Like an indoor constellation, practically. Check out this cat.

You’re in bed less than a minute and there she is, on your chest, doing that pizza dough thing.

I know, she won’t let me move. I was gonna keep looking, you know–

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

2 thoughts on “The Wait”

  1. I love this, Stacey. It’s delightful. I particularly like the line about the cat doing that pizza dough thing. Reminds me of my cat, Peanut. I also love sloths – they’re so cute – one of my favourite animals; that’s along with our endangered orangutans. Animals have a special mystery about them that we’ll never truly understand. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I share your love of cats, Ellie! I call it “Buzzy’s Pizzeria” when Buzz does that kneading thing. I love following Peanut’s antics, especially the parts about her bringing in her kill w/ pride. I love how they have mastered the art of pretending to be domesticated while retaining their wild! And those personalities. I hear you on the mystery!

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