A Love Supreme

With John Coltrane.

close up of moon in the sky

I want to talk about you, your ascension, the promise I wish I knew, too beautiful.

Say it.

Say more for the lovers, please.

Weaver of dreams, dripping stardust, you answered time after time, then I’ll be tired; still, insisting, love thy neighbor.

But how deep is the ocean after the rain? 

An acknowledgement. Help me to be––compassion. Love.

An acknowledgement: Consequences.

Help me to be––serenity. Dearly beloved, I am a dreamer.

Dearly beloved, something I dreamed last night––

It was sometime around midnight, just after another take of something straight, no chaser, and all of us gathered like someone in love, alternating our so whats with melancholic meditations like someday my prince. It was soft lights and slow dance, and you leave me breathless on a misty night to hear a rhapsody. Lover, come back to me. I Cry! 

Tender, it’s a fire waltz, a minor disturbance. It’s this chronic blues, a love supreme.

Call me by my rightful name, I’m old fashioned. I can’t get started. I’m too young to go––

Steady. But it’s all or nothing at all.

Dearly beloved, this is an acknowledgement. 

Beloved, this is a song of praise 

I wish I knew.


Inspired by the serendipitous appearance of A Love Supreme on last night’s random shuffle, the above is assembled almost entirely from the titles of John Coltrane songs. And, of course, by love.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

2 thoughts on “A Love Supreme”

  1. A weird coincidence (aren’t they all weird, and they’re actually not even “coincidence” they’re something different) but I actually dreamt about John Coltrane’s love supreme last night. How is that even possible? How does someone “dream” about A Love Supreme? But I saw the names of the songs, the one word names, and remembered when I saw your post today. So funny! For me it’s likely because I was listening to his wife Alice before going to bed, staring at her picture on my phone. And then your post magically crept into my dreams. Trippy, how’s that.

    1. Wow, Bill! This really is something. Oh, I love Alice’s work so much. And love how serendipity works. Thanks for sharing this : )

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