The Seer

For Willy Ronis.

barn owl perched on tree

You left the door open, called everyone familiar––and they were, after so long looking. You had born witness to their hope and heartbreak, their quiet, their children and the children they had once been, faces breaking open in a running laugh. They knew that you saw them and felt recognized, knew the shock of relief from their own anonymity in a world crowded with rushed strangers, too busy or beaten to look. Your lens could not resist a smile toward the lovers, and your heart swelled too full to make it stop.


Inspired by Willy Ronis, whose birthday was yesterday, and by this article about the photographer who saw Paris “with his heart in his eyes.”

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

3 thoughts on “The Seer”

  1. Hi Stacey. This is beautiful, However, I wanted to read the link you included to get a better understanding of the meaning behind your words, but unfortunately, I was informed that I would have to pay to subscribe in order for me to be able to read it, which was a shame. Stacey, would you mind if I connected with you via your contact page, please? I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time now, but just couldn’t find the right words. Don’t worry; there is nothing wrong. I will explain more when we link up. Thank you so much. Ellie Xx 💖🌹💝

    1. Ellie, seeing you always makes me smile! Thanks for letting me know about the link. When possible (thanks to an earlier comment you shared) I try to avoid NYT for that reason, but I didn’t have a comparable one in this case. I would love to hear more from you! Thinking about you. xoxo

      1. Thanks so much, Stacey. I’m honoured that you say I make you smile. That means a lot. I can understand about NYT – sometimes you find exactly the piece or quote that you need and nothing else seems suitable or it doesn’t portray what you wanted it to. Thinking about you a lot, too. I will reach out to you via your contact form on your blog. I have to go out in a while, so it will more likely be this afternoon or evening. Do take care of yourself. Love Ellie xxx 💗

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