Mapping in Music

With Abel Selaocoe.

body of water during sunset

Common knowledge says that you may do one or another, but not both: be a cellist or singer; a section player or master of ceremonies; a body traveling outward, or a body returning. But you say, all of the above and all at once.

Someone watching you with listening ears might hear a suggestion, that the answer to the question about finding home has something to do with floating above some commonly accepted boundaries.

What guides you, then? The voice, you said, guided by the music, will do what the body cannot imagine. Its music begins in deep time, the voices you draw from those listening become threads weaving us into its fabric. 

Where now? We wondered. You offered a future, but to find it we have to go back, you said, way back to where the long-departed hold the seeds of another time. When you hear the music you will know, you said. It is singing you home.


Inspired by the music of Abel Selaocoe and the process he describes in this New York Times article, “Abel Selaocoe Finds a Home in Improvisation.”

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

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    1. Jeff, thank you! The Happy Fits were not on my radar, and I appreciate hearing about them. I look forward to listening : ) In my next life, I’ll start playing the cello at an early age.

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