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  1. Many years ago (decades) I found a brochure in a ditch at the side of a gravel road. It was from one of the organized religious groups bent on saving souls. Enough about that. Anyway, it was on the back of it that I first read the words, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Regardless of my belief system, these were some of the most powerful word I’ve ever read and have more or less become a personal mantra. The words have a way of stopping me in my tracks and bringing me to a momentary state of “presence”. This all came immediately to mind when I read your powerful poem/insight.

    1. That line is very close to my heart. Once, during a particularly challenging life phase, I found a piece of wood , stained it, and stenciled the words across it, to hang on the wall as a reminder. I no longer live in that space, nor do I need the words visible, they are so deeply ingrained. Thank you so much for sharing this, Chris! It certainly adds to my appreciation of kindred sensibilities : )

      1. So hard to be still when I’m not remembering that’s the whole point : )

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