The Use of Form

Bodies of work.

swimming golden fish underwater in sea

One advantage to poetry is that requires no heavy apparatus to carry around. Only this body, heavy enough when conscious. Unconscious, the form is dead weight, nearly impossible to move.  And yet, when awakened to its fullest extent, nearly weightless. Here again is another advantage to the form. Of poetry, of the body.

Both remind. This is how it is possible to float, vertically tethered and horizontally webbed. In this poem, our feet in the earth may stir the unborn forest. In this poem, someone calls across the sea, Friend. Across and between each continent and each impossible divide.

Friend, this speaker calls. Don’t dismiss me to the murmuring masses you mean to float above. Friend, comes this voice, hold fast to me. These bodies, in the end, are all we may carry, and nothing but their given songs. Put up your sword, friend. Each must be held, or nothing holds. We are going to need both hands.


Inspired by the work of Tomas Tranströmer.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

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    1. Your posts have always read like poetry to me, Granny! It’s your knack for brevity that does this. And your sense of play with language. : )

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