Alice, eat.

Overheard, between chases.

selective focus photography of white rabbit

There you go again, Alice, with your rabbit. What now?

Let me guess. It’s the old question about time, and

why you can’t see it, exactly, even as it leaves traces

everywhere while this visible abundance of space makes

a mystery of itself by including the atmosphere

with no evidence to label: this. It cuts you.

You should eat something. Here. Apple slice?

This, at least, is visible. Maybe also at most.

See the lilac, its leaning posture even in rest.

Now the oak, raining leaves.

Will love save any of it? I can’t tell you, Alice.

I am not laughing at you. Okay, a little. Here,

have another slice. I know you want to know

if it’s enough, but what are you counting:

acres? Dollars? 

Look, only a machine will move in reverse.

Your question is moot, muted by necessity

of movement between stations and the

fact that you are still hoping for a chance

to erupt from this constellation of endings

into a singular, magnificent bloom.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

5 thoughts on “Alice, eat.”

      1. I prefer the version by the Great Society (Slick’s original band). The Jefferson Airplane version is the one most people know.

      2. Just listened to both, and I realize I was familiar with The Jefferson Airplane version (but it’s been a LONG time) and not with Slick’s/ The Great Society. I may have to agree with you on your preference. Thanks again, Jeff!

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