Another Invitation

To a dear poet.

photograph of a yellow bird on a window

To inscribe passion, make of it a history, burning with love and regret, holding posture ever toward the mortal crowd at the gates, immersed in time’s noise, still listening, long after Eden, for the miracle, knowing any journey can be a stand-in for all journeys, ever, the constant flight to another life: the dying, recalling; the oblivion, searching.

But what is this moving at the bottom of loss? It won’t be sold another scandal when it’s time to gather signs. I will lose myself and go again.

One day, when the barbed-wire walls are down, I hope you will come and see me in this bird-painted room. We will sit here together, watching the light move with the cat.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

4 thoughts on “Another Invitation”

  1. What a beautiful dream, to sit together,… but up above you said so much, my mind in a bit of a crunch, that’s how your words move me. Always too much! Always so surprising. I’ve learned to be glad to be left in tears.

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