Notes on how to read.

brown tabby cat on brown couch

There is a mind that keeps close watch on the dew-slick grass, hopping low, head turned to hear what crawls, to find what fuels the next flight. After this, a watcher in the window, low chirps from whiskered mouth, the fine hairs of the tail feather-tuned with exquisite precision. Another eye will notice how that which manages to still be finely tuned to details in their liquid form while retaining the soft pliancy of a chest-sleeper is enough to swell some subcutaneous expanse behind the ribcage, preparing to soar from what seems to contain its swell. There is temporal awareness, temporary sight. And there is space, breathing enough of nothing to make room for the next renewal.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

One thought on “Attentions”

  1. I often wonder at imagined creatures below the surface of the oceans much the same way as creepy crawlers under the earths crust! You create vivid sensational stimuli!

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