Unicorn in love (Beyoncé cento).

unicorn pool float on swimming pool

Ten times out of nine

––I know,

If I were a boy, every girl 

––in here


the image. 

Cliché on his mouth 

like liquor

––who wants 

the perfect love 

story                ––anyway 

I got hot––

sauce in my bag,


Wax on? wax off.

Now I’m even more,


You won’t break my––

pictures snatched, 


the frame

why can’t I keep–– 

my hands off? 


              when I put on

show me your scars. 

Lord, forgive me.

I’m stingy

with                 my love

won’t you hold on?

             To me,

             I was here.  


The above is a cento composed entirely of Beyoncé lyrics.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

8 thoughts on “Waterfall”

      1. One of the libraries in my county has book spine poetry contests. People stack books in a way that the titles form poems. Some people are great at it.

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