Bodies in Orbit

A triptych.

body of water with mountains on side

Morning light dissolves the purple of early clouds still pliant with possibility. There the dog, there the hand on the head of the dog, the other gripping Styrofoam cup. Sip as the steam moves through. A ship comes in. Another is loaded. Voice from the dock: thirty minutes.

Later, past the southeastern hills, screen door rattles over porch over wet grass under grey-white sky. The flies start early. Your creaking chair. The freeway hush constant as ocean now, and this used to be horse country.

Down to the park, child in grass to feel a spinning planet at her back, trying to imagine the sight of us and all of this at a distance. Up and up, here is time and here is space but where do they connect? Shiver of sudden pulse at the small of her back. Her mother calls, Baby. She calls, it is time.

Author: Stacey C. Johnson

I keep watch and listen, mostly in dark places.

4 thoughts on “Bodies in Orbit”

  1. Your creaking chair comes in at such a nice spot, that cadence. Love so much of the phrasing here, is it inspired by a recent actual event or imagined? Curious, and like the word pliant. Lovely! Hope you’re well Stacey. In the words of the Beatles, “life goes on…bra! La la now the life goes on!” And why were they talking about bras there? I’m pretty certain they used that word there. I need to know why now.

    1. Lol, thank you so much for this smile, Bill! These three must have been inspired by a series of actual events, but more succinctly they are characters from the dream world that have lived with me for well over a decade now, appearing now and again in different stories. This may be the first time they appeared in such proximity. I hope you are well, Bill! Wishing you a great weekend : )

      1. My gosh that’s amazing Stacey! Thank you for sharing the backstory on that. And wishing you a great weekend too my friend!

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