Los Caprichos

A lamp for dark times.

To say yes and give the hand to the first comer, here are two of a kind: the bogeyman on one hand, love and death on another.

Lads make ready. They are hot, out hunting for teeth and the house is on fire. 

¡Pobrecitas! Everyone will fall. How they pluck her, those specks of dust. But now they are sitting well; why hide?

The sleep of reason produces monsters, and it overcomes them. They have flown and still, they don’t go.

Pretty teacher, whispers one, wait ‘till you’ve been anointed. Be quick now, they are waking up.

It is time.

Can’t anyone unleash us?


Inspired by Goya’s Los Caprichos, a set of eighty prints etched by Francisco Goya between 1797-98, which, collected in book form, offered powerful critique of many of the social ills he observed. I was struck by the relevance of certain themes to this moment: the rise of superstition, decline of rationality, corruption among the ruling class, as well as common practices of prejudice and deceit. Today’s post features (translated) phrases from the captions of these prints. The above print is Capricho No. 43 of this series, “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.”